Thursday, October 16, 2008

T & A

wow, it has been a fast and slow week. it is weird how time can feel like it goes both fast and slow.... anyways, on monday garret had his tonsils and adenoids removed. he has had a hard time breathing for a couple of years now. we had noticed that he always breathed through his mouth and not his nose. when we asked him if he could close his mouth and breath is was so hard for him. because dave had always had problems breathing was wanted to make sure we got it checked out early and take care of anything this if there was a problem. so we were referred to an ENT. he had his appointment with the same set of doctors that did daves surgery. she scoped his nose and found his adenoids were HUGE and suggested we get his tonsils and adenoids removed. i knew this would probably be the case but it broke my heart to know that he would need surgery. she walked us down the hall to the lady that made the appointments for the surgeries. as we walked down the hall, dave and i discussed doing it the first week of November. when we got into her office, she said how does Oct 13th sound? (a week after the initial appointment) i freaked out! i felt like i didn't have anytime to process everything. we talked about changing the date but knew that the sooner we got it done the better he would feel.

so monday morning we got up at 6 and went over to the hospital. he was such a trooper. it helped a lot that there was a tv right in front of his face with a remote attached to his bed. he got in his little robe with teddy bears and balls and sat up in that bed like a big guy. they took him in for surgery at 8 am. he was quiet but never shed a tear as they took him down the hall. i fell apart of course. the surgery only lasted 30 minutes. the doctor came in and talked to us right after she was done and said everything went really well. we waited for another 30 minutes or so while garret was in recovery. they told us they usually wake up rowdy and freaked out so not to be alarmed. when he got back to us he was so upset. he was in a lot of pain and i think pretty scared. b/c he was so upset he was coughing a lot which made his throat hurt more which made him more upset. it was so hard to see him in pain! i had to go and sit in the bathroom while dave got him calmed down. he did finally get calmed down and everything was ok. they actually let us go home at 11:30 that same morning! crazy! i was glad to have him home, but it seemed so early.

the next couple of days were good and bad. he did pretty good throughout the day. he was on pain meds every 4 hours. the nights were really tough. dave and i took turns sleeping with him so one of us at least got a good nights sleep every other night. last night was the best night so far and today has been the best day so far. he went almost 6 hours today before needing some medicine for the pain. he really is a trooper. he was a bear at night when we would try to give him the medicine. he would get nasty and mean but i think he was mostly delirious. we are so proud of him and pray that all this will help him with his breathing so much. i think it will help in all areas. we are planning on him going back to school on Monday. we will see how he does over the weekend.


Tara said...

I'm so glad that he's doing better! I've been praying for that! Still praying that he continues to improve!

Leah and Kyle said...

oh wow Bonnie! Goodness what a huge surgery this was, I'm so glad he's doing alright and healing up quickly.