Monday, October 20, 2008

oct 20th

wow it is so hard to believe that one year ago tonight brenna was knocking at the door to come out :) no really, she was! one year ago tonight we were having dinner at Kay and Georges. Mom was in town helping me and the kids get healthy before brennas due date on the 28th. So we were all over at the Wids, i wasnt feeling great that day but really wanted to get out of the house. after dinner i was getting really tired so we werent going to stay for to long. as we were eating dinner and then even more as we were getting ready to go home, brenna was moving SO MUCH! you could see her entire body pushing and shoving around in there. i was talking to george and had to show him how much she was moving, i think it was a little to much for him :) i was so uncomfortable, but didnt even think about going into labor b/c the other two were both a week late. i slept on the couch that night b/c my back was hurting so bad i couldnt get in and out of bed. mom was going to be heading home the next afternoon. i woke up the morning of the 21 around 7 or so with contractions. not bad ones but they were pretty consistant. i didnt want to jump to any conclusions so i just kept watching the clock. around 8 or so i heard mom talking to dave about her flight so i finally spoke up about the contractions. we all kind of freaked out. nothing was packed for any of us, dave wanted to wash the truck and mow the yard! so once we got everything together we headed to the hospital and brenna was born by 11 am that morning :) i have such vivid memories of that day and the night before. what a miracle birth is!!!! God is good and blessed me with quick labors and uncomplicated deliveries. i am so thankfull for his mercy and for the gifts that our children are to us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow my sweet Brenna! You are the sweet spot in my days.

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Tara said...

I was just looking at the calendar and remembered that Brenna's 1st birthday is tomorrow!

So...Happy Birthday Brenna!

Hard to believe that she is a year old- Share pictures of your birthday celebration!!!