Sunday, October 26, 2008

Brenna's Party

wow, what a fun day we had yesterday. it had rained all day friday so we prayed really hard that the day would be nice on saturday. we had planned on having the party outside, playing with chalk, bubbles, riding bikes, cooking smores, enjoying the fall weather. well saturday morning it was still cold and wet. dave and i went to town getting ready for the party, we had beer chili with all the fixing, hot dogs and brats, apples with warm carmel and hot apple cider. all warm your belly foods. we had about 26 adults and 12 kids... our house was really crowded! but it was so fun. when dave and i first got married, i came across a quote that said..."my your house always be to small to fit all your friends" and for the first time since we have lived in TN we felt that way on saturday. the lord has really brought some amazing ladies into my life and i am so thankful for their friendship. we also enjoyed having all of daves family here too. uncle steve, aunt katie and all the kids were here too for the weekend.
After we ate we opened gifts, well garret and raelyn opened gifts and then we had cake. i tried my hand at making a cake and covering it with fondant icing. my friend gave me a recipe for marshmellow fondant to make at home, so that is what i did. it was really fun to do but very labor intensive. after cake the sun started to come out and the kids were about ready to bust out of the house, so we all went outside for awhile and got some fresh air. it ended up being a beautiful day. god is good. so all in all we had a great time, i had a really fun time making the party unique and special. i made brennas little dress too. i havent sewn in awhile so i enjoyed the time i spent on that as well. if i dont do these crafty, artsy things i just start going crazy. it is built into me to do it. it is what makes me tick. anyway, we had a great day celebrating with our little lady.

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Tara said...

What a special day with so many answers to prayer! From the weather to a crowded a beautiful little girl and a gorgeous cake! So happy for you!