Tuesday, May 19, 2009

last day of kindergarten

tomorrow is garrets last day of kindergarten. i think i am having a harder time with the LAST day than the first day. it is hard to believe he is going to be a first grader! he has done so great this year. there have been a few rough spots but he has done great. he is the youngest kiddo in his class and has kept up nicely with the group. last friday they had their awards ceremony. they do not have a kindergarten graduation at the school that garret goes to. instead they kids put on a little program for the parents and the teachers give each child a special award. there are about 100 kindergarten students so this was a looonnnggg program. we are so proud of garret and thankful that his first year of school was a good one for him.all the kindergarten classes. garrets class was in the white shirts.

his class did a little performance to the louis armstrong so "wonderful world". garrets part of the song was "they'll learn much more than i'll ever know" so we made a poster to describe that. then at the end of the song they all turned their posters around and it spelled "it's a wonderful world"

garret received an award for INNOVATION. i thought this perfectly descibed him. here he is with his buddy jackson and his teacher mrs. ayers. We are SO PROUD of you buddy. love ya lots!


Tara said...

Wow! Garret's going to be in 1st grade?!? What a great Kindergarten year he's had, and I love that he got the innovation award. I know that you are such a proud mommy, as you should be!

mom said...

hey it seems i've been looking and looking for an update then here it is and i'm behind again. loved the pics of your hike the water fall is AWESOME. loved reading about your best weekend, we have been praying also for great friends close by. My grandson is so amazing we are sooo proud of him. i danced with scott at his wedding to what a wonderful world now garret graduates from kindergarten to the same song...i'd have probably embarrassed you had i been there, but sure wished i was. can't wait to see all of you. love mom