Monday, May 11, 2009

mothers day 09

most days it seems like i am just trying to keep my head above water. i struggle to keep the kids healthy, the house clean, play referee and break up fights, put healthy meals on the table that the whole family will eat, try to be thrifty with the money that dave makes, ect.... any one who is a mom knows :)

i find myself upset some days feeling like what i do isnt that important or then feeling the complete opposite and feeling like it is the most important thing, but that i am not doing a very good job at it. i need to remind myself that my kids just want me to play with them, they dont care if the floors need to be vacuumed or if they eat mac and cheese every day for the next month. it is hard to find that balance though. to be able to do it all, to play with the kids and get all the house work done ( b/c i really cant let it go (for to long)

as i look at the pictures taken today and look at how big the kids are getting i realize it goes by so fast. some days i wish for them to go by fast but then when you look back at the month or year, i think where did the time go. what did i teach them? important things like i love you no matter what and that God loves you even more than i do. i know there are alot of days i loose my patience and mess up and in those instances they teach me. they are alway quick to forgive me and give me huge hugs when i mess up. isnt it funny how our kids teach us along the way too.

i love these kids so much, and dave of course too. he is the perfect match for me. god is so good to have given us eachother and our kids. i am a proud momma today. i love you guys with every single part of me.

mothers day 2009
mothers day 2008

sorry for the ramblings today....


leah said...

Love your ramblings! And absolutely love those pictures Bonnie! Happy Mothers Day!

Heather said...

oh bonnie, i can so relate! you put it so well. i love it. and what wonderful pics.

Tara said...

Happy Mother's Day, friend! (Thank you for the sweet card- We've been battling the stomach flu here since last Wed. so I'm sorry that I haven't called to thank you for it! It is on my fridge and I love it!)

Love these pictures of your 3 precious kiddos. And your ramblings are honest and transparent. You so perfectly describe the inner battle that every mom faces... BALANCING LIFE! Something that has challenged me lately is a verse from Proverbs: "Her children rise up and call her blessed." The word 'blessed' actually can be translated 'happy.' What a challenge that has been to me in my parenting: Do my children rise up and call me happy? Do they know that they are the ones that bring me joy and happiness, not a clean house or a crossed-off to do list? Some days it is easier than others, but we are all striving toward that end, right?

Thanks for the honest ramblings and for the sweet pictures of your beautiful family! Love ya!

mom said...

well here i am with laptop in hand looking at some beautiful grandchildren and a beautiful daughter, who is so honest. you need to know from someone whos been there, and not just because i'm your mom. you are doing an AWESOME job. love you