Sunday, May 31, 2009


last summer we went with a friend of mine told us about this awesome boardwalk called Wakodohatchee. we were looking for free things to go and do so she took us and the kids all had a great time. so we had to take a return trip this summer. it is so fun that garret has remembered some of the things we did last summer and wanted to do them again.

The name, Wakodahatchee, has an interesting history. It is derived from the Seminole Indian Language and translates as "created waters." The created waters at Wakodahatchee Wetlands are an example of people giving something back to nature. Fifty acres of unused utilities land have been transformed into a wetlands ecosystem.

Every day, the Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department's Southern Region Water Reclaimation Facility pumps approximately two million gallons of highly treated water into the Wakodahatchee Wetlands. By acting as a natural filter for the nutrients that remain, the wetlands work to further clense the water.

this summer we got to enjoy the boardwalk with a friend i went to high school with and her two awesome kids. we had a blast with heidi, ashley and austin.
the sweetest baby bird. when we first spotted him his momma was feeding him! by the time the kids spotted him the mom was gone and i wasnt fast enough with the camera to get the two of them together. :(
this bird sat on the rail while the kids tried to walk slow and quite up to it. they did pretty good.
beautiful ashley
handsome austin... garret and austin got along great.
got got to see LOTs of gaters this time. last time we only saw one that was really far away. this time we got to see them up close and personal.

the whole gang.... kenzie got to come with us too. she has been a great help with the kids while i have been here.
exciting news for Lil Chicks! Mom sold her first dress to heidi :) ashley saw this dress and fell in love. cant blame her, i loved it too! we told her to try it on so she could be our model. it fit her great and she didnt want to take it off. so yeah for mom!

heidi, had an awesome day with you and the kids. you are an amazing mom with two of the most well behaved kids i have been around. love you lots. so glad we got to get together :)

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Brook said...

Bon, that place looks like a blast. I definitely have to take Ben and Grace when my aunt and her kids come to visit us this summer. They will be so excited to see the gators!!! It was SO great hangin' out with you today. I wish we could see each other every week! :)