Thursday, May 7, 2009

Meet Lily- every little girls dream

daves sister debbie came across a deal we couldnt refuse. a FREE show pony. a BEAUTIFUL, FREE, show pony. when she heard of it she thought of raelyn right away. in the past she has heard of other good deals for ponies but i just wasnt so sure i wanted to get into that with raelyn at this age. well when we heard about Lily, it was an offer too good to pass up. this pony is well trained and was even doing jumping before the owners decided to get a new horse for their daughter. their daughter was showing and jumping at a very high level and the horse couldnt keep its gate (which foot it walks with) correct for showing on such a high level. they tried all sorts of training and just couldnt get it right, so they wanted to give the pony to someone else. we were the lucky recipiants. even if we decide for raelyn to show with Lily, it wont be a problem with the classes that she would be in.

Raelyn LOVES Lily and wants to ride her and brush her all the time. she talks about her most of the day. lily is out at the camp so we dont get to see her every day but we will try to go out and see her on the weekends.
getting lily all cleaned up. lily is mostly white with a few gray spots.
actually using the reigns for the first time. she did really good.
walking out the in the field with all the beautiful butter cups. picture perfect.
she is so proud. if raelyn were a horse, this would be her. they are a perfect match.
she felt so grown up riding with sydney

the field so so awesome i had to take som pics of sydney and irish too.

had to add this one too. makes me laugh. well mommy has a lot of learning to do now about showing and all but i know the girls and aunt debbie are so excited to teach raelyn (and I) all about it.


Tara said...

Oh my goodness! Raelyn has a horse! A beautiful horse. How special. Loved the pictures, especially in all the buttercups. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous!! How exciting for Rae! And the FREE part, how awesome is that!!!! I can't wait to get up there to TN finally (probably this summer) since I'm going to be moving to Charleston in a few weeks!! YAY! I know I told you I read this but I'm not a good commenter. I will be better!

leah said...

oh my gosh HOW COOL!

Heather said...

How absolutely amazing!! God is so good! And Raelyn looks like such a natural! Love the pics as always...oh how i love buttercups.

Brook said...

What a huge blessing! What a dream come true for a little girl... her very own white pony! :) I'm so happy for you guys!!! What a beautiful life you have.