Monday, July 27, 2009

wedding part 1

my great friends amy and nathan asked me to come and take some photos of nathans brothers wedding this past weekend. it worked out perfectly b/c my parents were still in town and could help with the kids, plus friday night was our last official night of camp, so timing was great. i was so honored that they asked me to come out and take pics at the wedding. i have had the pleasure of taking pictures of their family now a couple of times. so here are some of the photos from the big day. i really loved every part of it, taking the pics to editing them all. i took about 800! wow... thank goodness for digitial. i cant imagine having to pay to get them all developed just to proof them! get ready this is just one post of many to come. let me know what you think.
the wedding was outside at the grooms parents farm here in greeneville tn. it was lovely.
they planted wild flowers just for the wedding
the bride wore the grooms grandmothers dress. how awesome is that! she had some work done to it but i thought that was so cool.

getting ready

the brides mom helping her get her necklace on

so this is just part one of the bride getting ready. i am so addicted to this right now. it is all i can think about. i want to grow and learn all i can. i would to one day try to make some money doing this. praying for Gods direction on this hobby that i LOVE.


Tara said...

Its a hobby that you are so good at, Bonnie!!! I love the one of the flowers with the tent in the background. Gorgeous shots!!!! Can't wait to see more and praying for God's direction for you. Greenville might just be in need of an artistic wedding photographer:)

leah said...

wow how neat Bonnie!! I love these, can't wait to see more! Glad you are spending time doing something that you love so much!!

mom said...

WOW how beautiful everything looked, i love the way you captured some precious moments. can't wait to see more. you are in my prayers as i can relate to looking for direction for a place to use a talent god has given you.

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, It's been neat watching how you've improved with photography even over the past few months. You have a natural talent for it and a good eye! Your work is beautiful & inspiring.