Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

we spent our forth of july out at the camp. all our staff was in town for staff training so met them at walmart, did our marathon shopping trip, stopped at a fireworks tent, and then headed back to camp for brats and burgers. after dinner we did some sparklers with the kids and then i laid brenna down. we let the "big kids" stay up a little later to watch the staff line dance. one of our kitchen staff does a lot of line dancing so she gave all our bunch some lessons. then we shot off the real fireworks. the kind of fireworks you can buy here in TN are so much cooler than what we could get in south FL. fourth of july was always a fun night for me growing up and i have lots of fun memories. i hope our kids will start building those memories as well.

and of course i have pics to post...

this crackes me up with her eyes closed
one excited little girl
cool smoke
the dining hall out at the camp... i will be working on getting a better picture of the dining hall this summer.


mom said...

great pictures, can't wait to get there and see every one. the kids look they had a great 4th the pic of the dining hall looks really neat. love ya

Heather said...

great pics always. :) i love the pic of the dining hall...totally needs to be in a magazine.