Thursday, July 16, 2009

the dentist and other things...

today i took raelyn to the dentist for the first time. i tried to get an appointment for both garret and raelyn seeing he has never been yet either but garret has been at kids farm camp all week. (side note: he is LOVING it. it is from 9 -12 mon thru friday of this week. they get to play in the creek, his favorite part, learn how to milk a cow, learn about all different farm animals, about growing and picking veggies, and how to live on a farm) ok back to raelyn at the dentist.... i was SO proud of her. she did awesome. garret is still saying he doesnt want to go, but i keep trying to get rae to tell him how "cool" it was. he lightened up a little but tonight when she was telling him about it. she got a good report and was so brave. she is growing up so fast some days.

cant believe i havent posted pics with the last two posts.... they will come, b/c the days have been so busy with daddy not here all i want to do when the kids get into bed is watch tv and veg out. but i do have some pics i want to post when i get the energy. also the FAM is coming into town on saturday. Kenzie and dad will be out at the camp all week and MOM will be here with ME! yeah it will be nice to have the company and the help. i am so looking forward to it. mom hasnt been here in a year so i have some serious cleaning and picking up to do tomorrow before she comes. i want everything to look awesome when she gets here. not that is will last long, but at least for a few minutes. :)

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