Thursday, July 2, 2009

amanda's wedding

last weekend i flew ( BY MYSELF) into orlando for my cousin amanda's wedding. she and her husband now, jon, live in arizona so we havent seen each other for awhile. i wasnt thinking i would be able to make it to the wedding with camp getting ready to go into full swing, but it worked out that i could go and dave could be with all the kids on saturday while i was gone. he had one group come in on friday night so he got a baby sitter for that night but other than that, the kids had some really great daddy time while i was able to have some really great QUIET time. i was so thrilled to just sit in the airport by myself and not have to talk to anyone. my introvertedness i guess. anyway, i loved the time i had and the wedding was so lovely. i am so thankfull it worked out.
aunt nancy, mom and uncle ron are brothers and it was nice catching up some with my aunts and uncles as well.
mackenzie was a junior bridesmaid, aunt nancy made the bridesmaid dresses and mom maid the jr. bridesmaid dresses. i think they did a great job. kenzie looke beautiful and i know she felt so grown up!
of course i had fun with my camera. it was so hard not to jump in front of the professional photographer and grab some shots, however i did stay back behind him for every shot i took.
love how that turned out with the stained glass. the church had so much character.
when i heard that scott and nicole and logan and jolynn were all going to be there, that is when i really started trying hard to make it work. it isnt often that we all get to be together.
thats a good lookin group of kids :)
amanda looked beautiful.... out of curiosity i would love to see what the pros pic of this same shot looks like.

well camp has been busy all spring and summer so far, but tonight we kick off our staff training for our offical summer camps this july. this is always a bitter sweet time for me. camp is an awesome place and everyone loves to come and be together there. it is hard for me with the kids b/c they are all still so young we cant be there all the time. we try to get out there at least once a day so the kids can see their daddy and i get to see some old friends, but it is tough being apart for almost 4 weeks. if you think about it, pray for dave and the gang as they work crazy long days doing the lords work and pray for me too that i can survive the crazy long days at home doing it by myself. thanks!


mom said...

aewsome pics thanks for putting these on your blog! and your comments too you and your brothers and sister are an incredible group of good looking kids inside and out. you and lvr and all the kids are in my prayers daily. love ya

Tara said...

Beautiful pictures, Bonnie! She should've hired you as the photographer!!! Glad that you could go.

Praying for you and Dave as camp begins. Love ya!