Tuesday, September 29, 2009


garret is growing up so fast right now.  a few weeks ago he mastered tying his shoe laces and Sunday night he lost his first tooth.  well not really.  before he was even two, one of his front top teeth was knocked out while he was rough housing.  i remember crying so hard that night.  i cried way longer than he did over it.  i even slept with him that night in his room.  i was such a baby.   i know it was nothing life threatening but i was sad his smile would be a toothless one for quite some time.  well of course i have grown to love that toothless smile over the years and now that the first one that was ready to come out on its own has happened,  we celebrated.  he was scared at first about it actually coming out.  it probably is pretty scary not knowing what to expect, but once it came out he was excited.

being silly... (look at how crooked his teeth are from that fall when he was a baby.  he now has a cross bite and the other top baby tooth is behind his bottom teeth.  dentist said not to worry, we will just need to watch as his adult teeth grow in)
we put both teeth ( i had saved the first one) in an envelope for the tooth fairy.  this was such a fun night for me, i remember being a kid and being so exited to see what the tooth fairy left.  back then it was quarters. (i just love the above picture by the way.... one of my favorites of garret.)
garret got dollars.  one dollar bills but hey it was still paper money.  


mom said...

wow dollar bills from the tooth fairy!!! love the pictures, love that boy!!! mom

Tara said...

What a big boy! Love the 2-toothless smile now! (And boy did all his freckles show up over the summer or what? Adorable!)

And yes, the tooth fairy has definitely gotten richer since I was little. 2 dollars- Wow!!!

Scott and Nicole said...

Alright Garret! Way to be brave! We love you!

Krista said...

I just read this post about Garret losing his "first" tooth! I remember that night when it got knocked out :( It was so sad, but that toothles grin is adorable :)

Your pictures are incredible, I really enjoy admiring them. You have such vivid colors!