Thursday, September 17, 2009

sebring- labor day 09

yep, just getting around to labor day pictures. a lot going on here at the wid house. like every other house that has children in it i suppose. we werent able to get a summer vacation in with the family b/c of a busy camp season (which is a good thing) but i was really longing for our family to get away for a little while. slow down, say yes to the kids more then we say no, jump on the beds, sleep when we are tired and eat when we are hungry. i have been going to sebring for 20+ years now! and dave almost as long. that is crazy, but it is one of my most favorite places in the world b/c of all the things i just listed above. i love that we can share this with our kids now too. so packed up the kids and headed out of town on thursday. we stopped in charleston to see kristin and hang out for the night then hit the road again on friday. it was a lot of driving through the kids awake time and it was a really hard trip. dave and i both decided we would be driving through the night. when we got to the hotel we went right down to the beach and let the kids play. we had subs on the beach for dinner that night. it was a great kick off to a relaxing fun filled, sun filled weekend. on to the pictures. donuts for breakfast every morning, thanks to daddy.
my parents came and met us there too.  it was so nice to see them and for the kids to spend time with them.  i think both the grandparents and the grandkids enjoyed it equally.
the water is so clear and clean.  it was also very shallow so the kids could play in the water about 100 ft from shore and it was only up to their knees.  it felt SO good to just let them play and not be correcting them. 

brenna is just a few weeks away from being 2!  she is starting to look more like a big girl and not so much baby anymore.  
clean white sand!  
daddy still has the moves.  he is barefooting backwards in this picture!  look at how awesome the calm the water is.  perfect for barefooting. 
kenzie knee boarding backwards, practicing her 360's
garret was brave and tried knee boarding for the first time too.  he did great. 
princess of the boat.  rae is still such a little peanut.  she fit perfect up on the arm rest of the boat so that was her little perch for the weekend. 
all the kiddos, mackenzie included.  she does a great job with the kids. 

the wid kids... i took a lot of pics to get to this one.  some are pretty funny.  when i have some more time i will share them.  

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Tara said...

Incredible shots, Bonnie! Brenna looks so big in them. So glad that you got to go to Sebring for Labor Day. What a fun family tradition... Would've loved to see some pictures of you and your Mom:)

leah said...

man what amazing pictures! I just love that first one. Can't believe your dad is STILL skiing barefoot and backwards!! Oh my goodness that's awesome! So glad you were able to get away for a little while!

Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend! We are going back on the 10th of next month... :)