Monday, September 14, 2009

we've got eggs!

a couple of weeks ago our chickens started laying eggs. we got just one for a few days and now we are up to 4 a day. we have 5 chickens so we are hoping to get all 5 laying. the chickens all lay their eggs in the same nest. it is so funny. we made a box for each of them to lay in but they all choose to lay in the same one. maybe this is normal? i am not sure. but it wasnt what i expected.
the kids LOVE going and collecting the eggs. raelyn likes to go out first thing in the morning. you can tell by her jammies. 

we have made a few things with the eggs. we have scrambled them, made an egg casserole, and cookies. it is so fun to use something that OUR chickens produced. it is such a cool learning experience for the kids too. they know that the chickens are here to do a job, provide food for us, not to be our pets. dave has even talked to them about eating one of the birds. not sure we will do that, but the kids seem to totally understand. 

i cant believe i am writing a post about the chickens in our backyard. never thought i would see the day


Tara said...

Wow! I never thought I'd see the day that Bonnie would have chickens in her backyard either! But it is so cool. And you are eating homegrown eggs that your children get to collect each morning! Wow!!! Our neighbors have chickens and so we have been buying eggs from them. They taste so good! Wish we could come to your nest instead:)

leah said...

that is SO cool Bonnie!! I love that you guys are using their eggs, how "green" of you! I would completely get attached though and would definitely cry if we had to eat one... good for you guys to be strong!

Brook said...

How fun!!! I would get a few chickens for us in a heartbeat but I think our homeowners association would have a prob with that. LOL. I'm not so sure I could ever eat one of the chickens, though. Especially after they worked so hard to lay eggs for us every day. :) It would be like, "thanks for eggs Mrs. Chicken, now you must die". ;) But I totally understand the lesson about chickens as food, not pets. Still, it's not an easy lesson to follow through with.

ruth poirier said...

this little chick is sooo cute in her jammies and wellies. such an adorable little "redneck" you are an awesome mom to be growing chickens and gathering eggs and cooking 'em up for the fam. love ya, mom

Heather said...

How fun!!! Raelyn is too cute...i can't stand it.