Tuesday, September 1, 2009

psalms 22:30-31

"Our children and their children
will get in on this
as the word is passed along
from parent to child.
Babies not yet conceived will hear the good news-
that God does what he says"

two things hit me today...
1.) God does what he says! period, thats it, no gray areas.
2.) this great news is passed from parent to child. what a huge job we have as christian parents to live a life that passes this great news on. not only with our words, but with our life style and actions.


Ruth Poirier said...

as i read this today it made me think how proud of you i am. then i see our picture peeking thru, and i wonder if i remember to live up to those words myself. thanks for the encouragement and words from the lord to practice daily in our words and deeds. love you, mom

Tara said...

What power Scripture has! I loved these verses from Psalms and they remind me so much of the commands we have as parents in Deut. So glad that our parents have taught these things to us, and I pray daily that I pass these onto my children. Thanks for the encouragement!