Thursday, January 7, 2010

major update...

so really it has been since november that i really posted anything personal.... it is hard to get back into it when it has been so long. it is also hard because i dont feel like i am a very interesting or entertaining writer. i wish i was. i LOVE reading blogs that a written by friends (or strangers) that have a talent for writing.

ok so anyway, the reason i have been MIA for almost two months is because of MANY reasons. we have been so busy. so here i am at the start of a new year going to try to recap what has been going on for the last few months and what lies ahead for us. i think the easiest way is to just put everything in a list.... see... so boring! sorry!

1. in november after the weather started getting a little cooler we noticed we had some mouse droppings. so we put some poison out and killed the mouse. only one big problem! the mouse died in one of the walls of our kitchen. the smell was the most terrible i have ever smelled! the computer is in the kitchen so this is what started the pause in my blogging originally. dave, who is my hero was finally able to find the mouse and removed and disposed of it. thank the lord!

2. we spent thanksgiving with daves family here in tennessee. about 50% of us all came down with the stomach bug! not very much fun

3. we are renovating the house next door to us. COMPLETELY renovating the house next door to us. it has been an amazing transformation but has taken up SO much our time. (i will post pictures soon)

4. we spent christmas here in tennessee as well b/c daves has been SO busy with this other job, replacing all the roofs for greenevilles housing authority. the job has been a huge blessing but sure has been a really busy non-stop job. my parents and mack came up a couple days after christmas and we were able to celebrate together. it was a good time.

5. now probably the main reason i have not been blogging is because i have been feeling pretty terrible. this is because i am pregnant! yep , i am about 12 weeks now so the nausea has gone away a little but i am still feeling really yucky. my body just does not enjoy being pregnant.
we are super excited about having another just really hard to get past the feeling so bad.

so there is the fast recap of the past two months. i will give more details of the pregnancy soon. but that should be enough to bore you for now.

if you love me or even if you dont and you read this anyways, please leave me a comment. i need to know you are out there. thanks.



iris Reinhardt said...

So happy for you Bonnie. Hope you are feeling better soon. You do have beautiful children.

Abby said...


That's AWESOME! Your FB status took me a minute to realize what you were trying to tell us...

Hope the nausea subsides soon!
:) A

Ruth Poirier said...

hey bon we're here and glad to have you back. you know you're in our prayers. loved being with you last week. thanks for the awesome birthday cake!! love ya

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I do check your blog and I also saw your FB status and thought I would check here to find out more

Jennifer Prater

Tara said...

I love your updates and never think they are boring! So glad that you are starting to feel a little better and that you had so much fun with your parents and Mack when they came up! I've missed you in blogland:)

Mom B said...

Definately out here and so happy you are back again! Congratulations on #4 and hope you feel better soon. You have certainly had alot going on! Wow, hard to believe that when you and Tara get together again there will be two of you and 8 children!!!!

emily said...

Your blogs are never boring! Love you girl!

leah said...

I'm here!! Sorry I'm having to catch up your blog. I can't believe you are pregnant... that explains why you've been MIA! I know the renovation next door must be taking up all your time but I can't wait to see pics and hear about it... you and Dave are probably so good at that stuff!