Sunday, January 17, 2010

visit from papa p and gram

my parents and mack came up to visit a few days after christmas and to have an entire second christmas. they totally spoil ALL of us. there were WAY more gifts under the tree the second time around than the first. they are so generous and we are so thankful. while they were here we put them both to work too! dad worked with dave next door finishing up the house we needed to have ready for tenants and mom helped me get the house back under control after i had let so many things slack off from not feeling good. we also celebrated moms birthday while they were here too. we had a great visit. i didnt take many pics again this time but we did manage to do a little mini shoot at a barn on their way back to florida. they had everything packed up and ready to go and we just drove up the road a little to this spot and took a few pics of the kids and grandparents. it was FREEZING! like 16 degrees FREEZING so we didnt stay out for to long but i think we got a few great ones.
this is one not so great one but makes me laugh. brenna couldnt take the cold any longer. poor girl!

for the rest visit bwidphotography. thanks.

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Ruth Poirier said...

thanks for the great pics and the great time we could spend with you all. i'dlike to get a print or two of these pics, (never noticed your toosh 'til you said something!) keep blogging as you feel up to it we're out hear reading. love you, mom