Sunday, January 17, 2010

still catching up

our christmas in pictures....
family picture taken with the tripod and self timer... only one we got before the battery died... like my toosh hanging out behind garret, nice right?
gram made these dresses for the girls for christmas. they turned out so cute. as soon as i saw them i thought they would be so cute with converse and stripped socks. i am not sure that was what mom was thinking, but i just love it. dave said it was a bonnie poirier outfit.

i just love the shoes...they are on some pretty cute girls too :)
making cinnamon rolls on christmas eve morning. this year we started a new tradition for our family on Christmas Eve. It ended up where it was just going to be the five of us so Dave thought we should come up with something all our own. we decided to go to Bristol Motor Speedway where they have a HUGE light show. you even get to drive on the famous nascar track. we thought we would just hope that there was some place to eat that was open on the way. the ONLY place open was a chinese place. :) this makes me smile just thinking about it. we ate a simple chinese diner on christmas eve. not your typical tradition but it was GREAT. after dinner we did the light show and hung out in the middle of the track where they had a little carnival set up. you could roast marshmallows, eat kettle corn and the kids each picked one ride. it was so much fun. the weather was perfect and the kids had a blast. what great memories we have of that night.
christmas eve night after santa had come and loaded up the tree
christmas morning i didnt get my camera out.... sometimes i feel like i miss out on things b/c i am always behind a black box, but later in the day we went outside to enjoy the amazing weather and show the kids their last surprise gift... a trampoline!!! i just love garrets face as he looks to raelyn with so much excitement.

and this one was just too cute to not include :)

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Tara said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I love the family picture that you took with the tripod, and wouldn't have even noticed your toosh unless you had said something. It is a beautiful picture of a beautiful family!

PS. Your tree looked so good too with all the Santa Claus presents around it!!!