Tuesday, April 14, 2009


so you are probably tired of seeing my Easter pictures by now. i promise this is the last easter post. i just wanted to post some pictures of the dresses i made for the girls. a good friend of mine gave me this awesome AMY BUTLER fabric that i just feel in love with, but didnt know what to make with it. as Easter approached i remembered about the fabric and thought it would be great. i found a really cute pattern on line from OLIVER + S. i was scared to start the dresses without mom close by to rescue me when i got stuck but i had to. i was doing pretty good and then got totally stuck! then i remembered about Skype, so mom and i did a video conference and i was able to show her and aunt nancy who was visiting, exactally what i was doing and they were able to help me out! i was so greatful, and couldnt believe they figured it out so quickly. so i was able to finish the dresses. i was so proud of myself and how they turned out. i am so thankful for mom taking the time to teach me how to sew. it is something i hope to pass on to my girls one day.

i also made Garret a tie that matched. he obviously was NOT happy about getting dressed up for easter. the shirt tucked in, the tie, the shoes... all of it, he hated. dave kept trying to tell him that he looked handsome and sometimes you just need to dress up for the girls even if you dont like it. this picture (and all the other ones that look just like this) makes me laugh so hard! i am sure this picture will come up many times from now as he grows up.
still grumpy

some more pictures of the dress and my pretty model


Tara said...

Bonnie, You are so talented!!!! I love the dresses (and the tie too!). Garret's face cracked me up- You will have to bring these pictures back out at his rehearsal dinner and wedding reception. I bet by then he won't mind getting dressed up for the girls!

leah said...

I LOVE the dresses, great job on them! Isn't Skype just awesome?! I love Garret's face in that picture... absolutely hilarious!