Wednesday, November 10, 2010

dressing up

princess brenna! brenna is all about the girly, fancy, sparkly, shiny. she had in her head she wanted to be a princess. gram poirier made this dress for her for her birthday. you can tell by the look on her face how much she LOVED this dress.
showing off her fancy shoes.
indian warrior garret. i had a great time creating the costumes for garret and raelyn. they were super thrifty as all i had to buy was a two pack of pillow cases. everything else i already had in our craft supplies. the hot glue gun was my best friend for this project.

indian princess raelyn... what a beauty she is. i put a little bit of make up on the girls. after i did, i felt like rae looked so grown up. i told dave later that night that she is NEVER allowed to wear makeup :)

froggy jori... this costume was garrets for his first halloween. i LOVE that i can use some of the things that he wore for the girls. such a cute little frog she was.
we love dressing up. i loved it as a kid and now i love it as a mom dressing up my kids.


Ruth Poirier said...

Love these kids and the pictures. Will Brenna be dressing up for Thanksgiving???

kenzie said...

o my goodness i will never get over how CUTE brenna looks in that princess dress! <3 u

Tara said...

What adorable costumes!!!!