Tuesday, November 9, 2010


i love halloween... this will be one of a few posts i will put up about our halloween. i love the creativity that comes with it. creating costumes and dressing up, carving pumpkins, colorful leaves, cooler temps, fun games, fun with friends, candies and treats. we invited some of our friends over for a pumpkin carving party. we played in the leaves, ate a picnic lunch and then went to town carving. the kids out numbered the adults so there were lots of pumpkins for the adults to carve.
brenna helping dad push out the eyes of her pumpkin
by the time dad got around to doing his, he got out the power tools! cheater!
garret did awesome and carved this own pumpkin ALL by HIMSELF this year. he stuck with it and did a great job.
here is the whole crowd with their pumpkins. such fun!
i love how the pumpkins are all so different. we had the kids draw on a piece of paper what they wanted their faces to look like. then we tried to do the carvings just like their pictures. brenna even drew what she wanted hers to look like. from left to right, brenna, raelyn, garret, and daddy.


Tara said...

Love your pumpkins! And what a fun idea to do a pumpkin-carving party!!!

Ruth Poirier said...

Great looking pumpkins, but power tools? Looks like you had a great time, it was a great idea to have a carving party.