Monday, November 1, 2010

addition week 3

monday= rain!.... not good for a house that has a gigantic hole in its roof. dave worked sunday trying to tarp the roof so the rain wouldnt come in.... but it did. monday morning dave and i were out in the rain re-tarping things and sweeping water off the decking. we got it to stop coming in the house. it wasnt a ton but there was rain coming down the walls from behind the crown molding in the kitchen. the good part is that the walls that got wet will be coming down anyways.

tuesday the guys worked like CRAZY!!! i have to say was i am so proud of my man. him and his guys worked from 7 am until 6pm putting up all the roof trusses, the plywood and the tar paper on the roof to get it all dried in for the storm that was going to come again that night. dave had planned on renting a crane to lift the trusses on wednesday morning but the weather was calling for strong winds and he didnt want to go another day with just the tarps. so they worked HARD and LONG and everything by hand, without the crane. my heros!
hard to tell but the trusses are on and the playwood

inside view of the second story-
this is a picture of jori and i in HER new room. she is still sleeping in the cradle in our room. she is about busting out of it.

wednesday they worked on getting the metal roofing up on the roof

thursday they framed the interior walls upstairs

friday they cut new windows in the already framed downstairs walls b/c i had changed my mind... oops.

they are moving so fast. dave says he is on track to have the entire thing done in three more weeks.


Tara said...

Oh my goodness! Look at the progress!!!!

Linda said...

Oh Bonnie your house is going to be amazing! I loved it to begin with because of its character, but now you will have so much more space! Praying you all will be done in three weeks!

Ruth Poirier said...

WOW, WOW, and WOW!! Can't wait to see this in person!!