Tuesday, November 9, 2010

addition week 4

ok so things are all kind of starting to run together. i will try my best to give last weeks update.
they completely finished the new roof.
they added another small roof over the french doors to help break up the height of the exterior wall
they worked on re-directing our path so that it goes right to the french doors

they did all the rough electric and plumbing

they installed all the windows and doors
and we passed our framing inspection on friday! it was a good week. drywallers are here today, cant wait to show you what it looks like with drywall up.


leah said...

Wow that is so exciting!! I can't believe how fast they are moving!

Anonymous said...

I have got to come see this!!!! Looks AMAZING!!! - ck

kenyamom8 said...

I am in love with this addition. I want to move in when it is done. I have to know...have you decided on the decor yet? That will be even more fun to follow.I am so bad at home decor. I love peering into other people's homes to see how they have their homes decorated. xxx

Tara said...

Looking so good!!!

Ruth Poirier said...

the progress is great i love the last few with the sunset.