Friday, February 18, 2011

can i get a redo???

so i'm finding myself at a place with this blog that i so often find myself.... so far behind. it sometimes stresses me out to be honest, and i KNOW that is NOT what all this blogging stuff is about. i just feel like so much that we do i want to document so i dont forget about it, but then life gets in the way and i cant get to blog and then i just feel so far behind. i have to choose whether or not to blog things or to let them go. well last week, "life" surely got in the way. on tuesday i had all three girls at doc for yucky coughs, doc says just viral let them work it out. so glad i really like this doc and he knows i would choose not to medicate if i can get away with it. so that is what we did, we worked it out. wednesday is when our good friends came into town and i took there photos, by friday morning of this same week, i had to call dave and ask him to meet me at the doc because i felt like a kidney stone was coming on! i have not had a kidney stone since before dave and i were married. over 10 years ago. he liked to claim that he cured me. well he cant say that anymore, although i wish he could.... so we got to doc and i was 98% sure it was a kidney stone again, i remember the pain pretty well. he gave me a pain shot and kept me in the office to just watch me for a little while. he wanted to make sure it wasnt appendix. pain was still bad so they gave me another shot, this time anti-inflamitory. there was talk of me going to er and getting a cat scan which would say if it was either kidney stones or appendix. i HATE the hospital so i was trying my best to stay out of there. again the doc was good held out making me go. about this time the meds are kicking in and i can barely lift my head anymore. i am such a light weight. the meds completely knocked me out, but thankfully the pain was getting lighter. so doc sent me home all doped up with a strainer to catch the stone, more pain meds and a strong antibiotic (because i also had a UTI). dave had to carry me in the door and into bed. we got home around 9:45 am and i slept about 24 hours. i would wake for short periods of time and drink as much water as i could and then fall back asleep. i ended up passing the stone early saturday morning around 2am and then continued to sleep pretty much all of saturday as well. i ran a fever on and off all day and just felt terrible. not sure if that was do to the infection or not? so in two days time, i was sleep about 30 hours! to be honest it was really nice. i guess my body really needed the rest. it had given up and was letting me know! sunday morning i woke up with a HUGE fever blister spread across my entire bottom lip. to be honest, i think the pain of this was just as bad the kidney stone. the fever blisters make me so anxious and jittery. not sure how to explain it any better, it is just a different kind of pain, one that just gets under my skin and i cant shake it. after spending to much money to get another rx filled for the fever blister meds it finally started feeling better on tuesday morning...... so that leaves valentines day in there. we pretty much just skipped right over it this year and i wanna redo.... some friends brought us dinner, i did get up and set the table, however it was with paper plates and napkins left over from the girls school parties and i put pink straws in the kids milk cups with dinner. dave and the kids got me a pandora bracelet and three hand picked charms. i just love it. rae picked out a horse, brenna picked a treasure chest and garret picked a scroll that says "best friends" - how sweet is that. melt my heart!
when i told dave i wanted a redo, he jokingly said "no more presents". thats ok, i just wanted to be able to feel good enough to tell the people i love how much they mean to me. dave was such a great care taker while i was sick. he took care of all the kids, including jori since i couldnt nurse. she was a champ with a bottle. i am now trying to get back to nursing her, but it has been a tough road. i just feel so drained. not sure i can make it as long as i would like this time around.

wow.... so that was a really long and random post. sorry. but there is where our little family has been up to since i last posted.

and since i cant post without a picture, here is what we did on the wednesday before i got sick. it was ANOTHER snow day, so we did some crayon projects. you can find out how by clicking here.
i love the shadows they create on the floor when the sun shines through the doors.

i am feeling much better now, very thankful for family and friends that helped in lots of ways.


Heather said...

Oh girl, i'm so sorry. So glad you are feeling better. With God everyday is a redo! :) And i'm sure the ones you love KNOW how very much you love them every single day.

Ruth Poirier said...

that was alot, but i'm thankful for you taking the time to write it all down. i understand that your blog is supposed to be a keepsake for you and your family, but it helps me to stay in the loop. sorry you had such a rough time of it, glad you're on the up swing.

Linda said...

Wow Bonnie...what a week. Dave had given us a little recap and shared what a champ you were with everything. I can't imagine the excruciating pain of a kidney stone, or a bottom lip covered with cold sores. You have alot on your plate, and when Mommy gets sick it's very difficult. You have a wonderful helpmate in Dave and I know you are so grateful for that. Please don't stress about your blog. We all love hearing from you, but not at the expense or your health or rest. Get to it only if and when you what if it's only occasionally! Hope you feel back to 100% soon...we love you sweet girl!

Tara said...

Oh my goodness, Bonnie! What a week. I am so sorry about your kidney stone and your fever blisters. Both are incredibly painful and I am so sorry!!!! Praying that you have a better week this week!