Wednesday, February 2, 2011

cub scouts

at the beginning of the school year garret joined cub scouts. he and dave are part of pack 93. garret and loved all the different activities they do and earning badges along the way. dave takes garret to the meetings each week on tuesday nights and sometimes they have activities on the weekends. i am so glad that garret and dave can do some "guy" things together.

one of their adventures was to the appalachian caverns. they crawled through caves and had a great time.
they were in this years christmas parade. even daves truck and trailer made it to the parade :)

this last picture is garret helping sort food that they collected for the local food bank. other activities they have done are : a big camp out, popcorn sales, pool parties, ice skating, bowling, learned fire safety, learned pet care and they are getting ready to do their pine wood derby cars.
garret has really enjoyed scouting this year. there are more moms involved in garrets pack than there are dads and they have all come to love garret as well. there have been a few times where dave was not able to be there and the other moms have taken him under their wing. it is nice to know they are looking out for him :)


Tara said...

What a wonderful thing for a Dad and son to do together! Loved reading this post, Bonnie!!!

heather said...

Awesome! I bet Garret loves it. We are going to sign Otis up next year. :)