Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a february randoms

ready one, two, three, JUMP.... harder said than done i guess. i could not get them all to jump at the same time :) makes me laugh.
we have had a few warmer days here and there and we have enjoyed every second of being outside and warming up in the sun! it feels SO GOOD to have the sun bake on your back. living in a place that has distinct seasons has taken some getting used to. even though i still really do not enjoy winter, i do enjoy and appreciate how awesome our god is to have made the earth and how it all works. how the trees drop their leaves and then store up its nutrients in the the winter and then blooms with beauty in the spring! it seems to make the time go by faster too. not sure if that is just part of getting older or living in a place where the seasons change... maybe both.
jori enjoying the warm sunshine. i can almost feel that warmth as i look at these photos.

school time: i have been trying to be more diligent to do about an hour to an hour and a half of "school time" on the days that the girls dont go to preschool, here at home. it helps me to have a plan and make the day more organized and seems to go by a little fast. it also is really helping the girls. i still struggle with how to do activities that are well suited for both girls. all rae wanted to do this day was paint! so before i just let her paint a picture, we painted the words that she is learning how to read. she did great. not sure if you can see in the back ground but she knows a lot of words. we have not been doing this very long, she just picks it up so quick. another reason i wanted to start doing more intention school work at home. she just soaks it up. the words she knows are:
at (and the at words like cat, fat, hat...)
she also knows all her vowels.

brenna has been doing really well with the work too. i just feel like i am having a hard time finding what is appropriate for her. it either seems to hard or to easy. but we have all been having fun doing school together.

also, dont know if you noticed... rae lost her first tooth just a day or two after she turned 5! then just last week she lost her second tooth!! mom says i lost mine pretty early too. she is so stinkin' cute. i just love her little smile.

alright, bye for now.


Ruth Poirier said...

love these, tell Rae I'm sad she didn't call us to tell us the big news about her teeth!!! Jori is so big and beautiful. Keep up the good work with the "home school" you're doing good Bon. Love you ALL

Tara said...

I love this post, Bonnie!!!!! Your randoms made me smile:)

Love the trampoline picture... They all look so healthy and happy... and Brenna's little chunky legs just make me smile.

And that Jori on the blanket. PRECIOUSNESS!!!! She seems like such a happy baby:)

And I'm so happy that you are doing school with the girls. Raelyn is so smart. Love all her words!!!!

katiew said...

Great post. Um, Jori looks like she might weigh more than you! :) She is so cute. These 5 yr. olds were just babies! How are they losing teeth and spelling words? And...the sunshine is right around the corner. xoxo