Monday, May 2, 2011

jori 9 months

the months keep going by faster and faster. i have an anxious feeling in my stomach as i type this. i just dont want to loose this sweet baby stage. jori went for her 9 month check up today. she is almost 20 lbs and is in the 50% for both height and weight. she was a trooper getting her shots and is now taking a nice nap :)
she is still happy most of the time. the only thing that REALLY bothers her is getting her clothes and diaper changed. not sure why but she HATES it. cries as soon as i lay her on the changing table. the other kids all loved have the eye to eye contact and and short but sweet one on one time with mom. she doesnt not like being held down that if for sure.
she has a little temper already too if she doesnt get what she wants.
if the big kids are all talking (mostly when they are arguing with each other) she starts "talking" back. it is so funny, but gets extremely load in the house or car!
she loves exploring things. she still puts everything in her mouth. she is a super fast crawler and pulls herself up onto everything. not standing on own or taking any steps yet.
she also had her first ear infection this past month! poor girl had a super high fever 103.4! the doc gave her a shot in the toosh of antibiotics to get it taken care of fast. it was sad that she was so sick and had to be on the meds but glad that it was taken care of. i really like our doc as he knows that we would choose not to medicate if that is an option, but i also respected his opinion when he said her fever is dangerously high and i would do the shot if it was my child. he is a christian also and i just feel blessed that he is in our area and that we found him.

jori loves to play peek a boo still and has enjoyed being read to and actually sitting still to hear a story and look at the pictures. she did pretty good on our trip to florida and loved all the extra attention. she had a hard time on the plane b/c she was so tired but the girl will. not. fall asleep in someones arms. she likes her own bed. this made for a restless baby but it wasnt terrible.

we love you jori.... keep on growing and exploring.


Ruth Poirier said...

she's so beautiful!! love the pic of her chubby cheeks and bright blue eyes. Love you big bunches little girl

Tara said...

Happy 9 months Jori!!! Love all these sweet pictures, and I just can't get over the chunky cheeks and thighs! She's bigger than Samantha at 9 months old!!!! Can't wait to get all the kids together to play!

katiew said...

Her sweet chunks and big blue eyes always get me. I can't believe how big she's getting.