Monday, November 7, 2011

Greeneville Women's Club Bazaar

last week was a really busy week, but really fun week. mom, dad and kenzie arrived in TN late on wednesday afternoon. they came up to help with my big craft show and for dad to attend a board meeting at the camp. we had a yummy dinner of bbq pork sandwiches and sweet potato tots.
the guys played twister
the girls crafted.... and then we crafted some more. all day thursday and friday we worked on making lots more product for the big women's bazaar on saturday and sunday.
thursday night we had a wonderful dinner of angel chicken, a yummy recipe i found on pinterst.
and we celebrated my brother logan's birthday. his dessert was also brought to you by pinterst. i will share both recipes later in the week.

friday night dad and dave headed to camp, mom and i headed to set up for the sale and kenzie was in charge of the kiddos. she was a great help these past few days.
so here is what our space looked like after set up friday night. we came back early saturday morning with a rug to make the space feel cozy. i don't have any pictures of it :( i can't believe i don't even really have great pics at all. these were just taken with my iPhone.

and here we are saturday morning getting ready to welcome the hundreds of shoppers. i have to say it was a very mixed crowd though. i think some people come looking for the same thing each year and just pretty much cruised right on past us. others loved our stuff. i can't complain though, we did well and had a good time.
we were on the second floor and this is a picture of what it looked like down below us. lots of vendors and lots of people.

i met this really cute and sweet team called Blue Bird Studios that was along the same lines as our stuff. they have a blog too, you will need to check them out.

so i think i might do one more this weekend. it will just be on saturday and for just a few hours. looking forward to seeing old faces and meeting new friends. big thanks to all our friends that supported us by stopping by the booth or by sending sweet encouragement on Facebook. i read them all to mom and she felt loved too :)

if by chance you missed me at the first two sales and you live in greeneville, come see me at Doak Elementary school this saturday.


Tara said...

What a fun time with your folks! Mackenzie looks so grown up and beautiful in that picture with Logan. Wish I lived in Greeneville...

Linda said...

I know you loved having your Mom to help with the craft shows and Kenzie to help with the kiddos! So sweet to see the family around your table sharing a yummy meal and celebrating Logan's birthday. Looks like a blessed time was had by all! Love to Ruth!

kenzie said...

great pic of the guys playing twister(: lol and can u please post the pic of me and log on fb :D love u guys and i already miss u<3

Ruth Poirier said...

had a great time at the fair with you and all the crafting!! wish we could be a full time team. love all your ideas bon, you are awesome