Thursday, November 10, 2011

i pinned it, i did it- give thanks banner

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i found these awesome marble leaves on Pinterest and had to try them out. a few weeks ago the kids had a few days off school and we got the craft supplies out and made our "give thanks" banner with this fun marble technique. you can go to the original post here.

what you need:
shaving cream
card stock
scrapbooking letters
squeegee (i used a piece of card board)

what you do:
1.) i squirted a big glob of shaving cream into some of my baking pans (lined with aluminum foil, for easy clean up)
2.) add some squirts of paint in whatever colors you like. we used fall colors.
3.) carefully swirl the paint (we used straws) without mixing it all together. you want it to just look swirled.
4.) lay a piece of card stock onto the paint and shaving cream mixture. press down a little making sure all the paper is covered with the mixture.
5.) carefully peel the paper back
7.) squeegee the mixture back off the paper.
8.) sit back and admire your work and let the paint dry.
9.) while the papers were drying we went outside and collected leaves the shapes we wanted to cute our leaves out as.
10.) trace your leaf and then cut it out.
11.) after we had all the leaves we needed for our saying, i got a piece of fabric that i ripped into a very thin string. you could also use ribbon if you have some already.
12.) then i used my sewing machine and sewed each of the paper leaves onto the fabric. i just did them one by one, i never cut the thread, just one long continuous stitch. i would sew one leave on and then put the next leave on the fabric and just keep on sewing until i was done with all of my leaves. (sorry no pictures of this part)
13.) then i glued my scrapbooking letters on our leaves and hung for us all to enjoy.


leah said...

so cute! love this!

Tara said...


Ruth Poirier said...

i had the pleasure of seeing this in person, and thinking to myself which child cut which leaf. i love seeing the kids faces when they are working on a project.