Thursday, November 17, 2011

i pinned it, i did it - recipes

while mom, dad and kenzie were in town i decided to try out some new Pinterest recipes. The first is called Angel Chicken. i had heard from a friend who tried it that it was awesome, and the bonus is that you cook it in the CROCK POT. i LOVE my crock pot so i had to give it a try. you can click here to go to the original recipe. she has it written out with lots of pictures and details so I'm just gonna have you go to her site. as always though, i improvised a little. because i didn't already have cooking wine, i used chicken broth instead and we served it with angel hair pasta instead of rice. still very yummy. the whole family loved it. you gotta try it!
Pinned Image

next up was dessert. i wanted to try something a little different and special since we were celebrating Logans birthday. i had seen these caramel corn bars that Mrs. Baker pinned and knew we had to try them. it was a good thing there were a lot of people around to help eat it because it was so rich.
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to be honest i had mixed feelings about it. i didn't care for the "soggy" popcorn. after you put the caramel all over the top the popcorn gets a bit soggy or gooey. i think i am going to try it again but just substitute rice crispies for the popcorn. i will have to let you know how it turns out. might try it for thanksgiving while we are with a bunch of family to eat it all up. here is the link the original recipe.... i just love pinterest and sharing our ideas. Mrs. Baker, have you tried this one yet?


Tara said...

Both look delicious!!!

Ruth Poirier said...

good food, good memories of our visit

Linda said...

Hey Bonnie, haven't tried that recipe yet, but I think I would agree with you about the soggy popcorn! Separately the ingredients sound wonderful,but combined, might not work. Thanks for the heads up!