Tuesday, November 1, 2011

halloween 2011

the last week or so has been full of making costumes, carving pumpkins, going to the schools Halloween Halls fun night, pre school parties and last but not least trick or treating last night.

i love halloween, always have always will. i still dressed up all the way up through high school :) fun memories. i don't dress up anymore but i love dressing my kids up. above is brenna trying out her blue macaw costume from the movie RIO. both girls wanted to be birds. i think they turned out so cute and they loved wearing them.

the above photo is one of jori at brennas little preschool party.. i just love that little face :)
we enjoyed halloween halls at Doak Elementarty, where garret and raelyn go, with some fun friends.
raelyn and brenna posing with raelyns kindergarten teacher
time to carve pumpkins!

they look so awesome... garrets, raelyns, brennas and jori's
all dressed up and excited about trick or treating!

jori was a cowgirl. she wore the boots that my little brother wore when he was a kid. so fun!

we meet up with family and friends and went trick or treating in a great neighborhood. here are the three boys in their ninja costumes. they had a blast.

so there is the very quick recap of our halloween. hope you got lots of candy and had a great time too.


Tara said...

Love the blue birds you have!!! Such cute costumes! And I agree that Jori's face in that one pic is priceless!

Linda said...

I love Raelyn snuggling up to her daddy carving the pumpkins...and even the cat joined in I see! What a fun time of year and really cute costumes!