Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas at the Wid house

yeah well.... its january 5th and I'm just blogging about christmas. thats ok, i still wanted to share. sorry for pictures being smaller than usual. i think blogger changed something and the way i was making my photos larger is now making them very pixelated, so if you want to see them larger for now just click on the photo and it will enlarge it.

so this is what our home looks like during the Christmas season.

does any one know anybody that knits stockings like these above? we have one for all of our family but jori. saves aunt made them for us and she passed away before jori was born. i would love to get one made for her that matched all or ours.
our pretty little tree. this is not a fantastic picture of my tree skirt, but it is my most favorite part of my tree. my mom made it for me and i just love it. the colors and fabrics are just perfect. i enjoy getting it out every year. thanks so much mom! you are so talented.


Tara said...

What a beautiful home, Bonnie! And I too was a recipient of a tree skirt made by your Mom- I love it and can't wait to pull it out every year too! She is so talented!

leah said...

Soo beautiful! I love your little banners on each window too, so cute!

I'm a recipient of a tree skirt from your mom as well, and just absolutely love it! Kyle and I smile and talk about your family every time we take it out. Merry Christmas Wids!!

Ruth Poirier said...

Everything looks so warm and cozy. I'm so glad you love your tree skirt, it is always a pleasure to make things that turn into traditions