Sunday, August 30, 2009

open house with mom

this weekend i got to spend 4 days in florida with mom helping her out with her lil chicks open house. i arrived in florida thrusday afternoon, we grabbed a bite to eat and mom asked what i wanted to do. i said "make dresses". so thursday afternoon mom and i made two more fall colored dresses and she made herself an apron. it was so nice to just sit down and accomplish a task without looking after the kids as well. dave was so good to keep ALL 3 of them so i got to come down all by myself.
friday morning we both wanted to sleep in but neither of us could. i guess we were both to excited. we spent the morning setting up the house for the sale. moms friend Diane came also and does crafts so she brought a bunch of her fun things as well. everything looked really good together and filled up the house. the picture above is of mom, diane, her other friend sandy, who was our cahier for the day, and me. mom has had a really great support of friends through this process. they all came by on friday and saturday to check everything out. it was nice for me to see them too.the set up
mom had little gift baskets made up with a childs apron and either kitchen, gardening, or artist goodies. dad made the dress stands. they showed off the dresses so nicely.
we had hair bows, dresses, gift baskets, aprons, burp cloths, diaper bag tags and few other things. it was a ton of fun. she didnt sell to many of the little girl things, just because not many of the people that came had little girls to buy for. i kept thinking that i know lots of mommies up in tennessee with little girls to buy for :) so after the open house we packed everything up into a suit case for me to bring up to tennessee with me. i will have a little show here and try to sell some more dresses for mom. whatever doenst sell i am sending back to her in time for her fall and christmas sales at big crafts shows. i think she will do really well at both of those venues.


leah said...

so glad that it went so well... SUCH CUTE STUFF I'm so proud of your mom for doing this!!

Tara said...

Love the picture of you and your mom! Ya'll look so much alike... and the set up was adorable!!!! What a talented woman she is. So glad that you all were able to spend such fun times together. Sure wish I lived in FL and could've come!!!!

Ruth Poirier said...

so neat to see these pics so soon and thanks for posting them. sure did have a great time with you here and miss you. wish we could have had the rest of this week together and met the fam in sebring. i knoe that was just a dream. thanks again for making the trip and the support and for making the first experience a great one!! love mom

Mom B said...

I was so happy to see the pictures posted so quickly...I've been dying to see everything all set up and it looked so cute! I know it meant so much for your Mom to have you there to not only lend moral support and help sew a few more dresses, but to add your creative talents! Sure do wish we could have stopped by, to see a few familiar friends, share in the fun...and of course SHOP!