Saturday, October 30, 2010

family friends

when we first moved here to greeneville, it was a pretty lonely time for me. we had moved from anything and everything i had ever known. we moved away from my family and friends. i am thankful we moved close to daves family but i had such a longing for new friends. it took us years really but we finally got involved in a sunday school class where we have met some really amazing families. couples with kids our kids ages. there are two families in particular that the Lord has placed in our lives and i love them so dearly. i remember growing up with friends that were the children of my parents friends and how it almost became a family. we did holidays and birthdays together and seemed to always be together. i prayed that we would find friends like this as well and i know we have. the friendships have started as i have gotten to know carrie and marcie through things like play groups, mops and sunday school. now our entire families are friends and our kids as well. i am so thankful for these wonderful christian friendships we have formed.
Brett and Carrie Koppin and their two beautiful daughters Mary Elizabeth (5) and Ada(1)
Chad and Marcie Baughman and their three wonderful kids Noah (4) Kendal (22mo) and Ella (6mo)

to see more of their family photos click here


Tara said...

I'm so happy for you too, Bonnie! This was a prayer of mine for you for such a long time, and God has been so good to answer! I praise the Lord for these dear friends in your life!

Ruth Poirier said...

Great pictures of two beautiful families, I'm also so happy for you and feel these precious people are an answer to prayer. This is a long time gift, to have friends who are in your life and are raising thier children with the same values as you.

Anonymous said...

You are a "sweet spot" in my soul, dear friend! You are such an answer to prayer for me TOO! God is so good. Count our blessings one by one... Wids... Baughmans... love YOU! - CK