Thursday, January 22, 2009

camera workshop

when dave got me the new camera this christmas i was a bit overwhelmed and wanted to make sure i would learn to use the camera for all it could do. i had been interested in photography for awhile and i came across an incredible photography blog. Holritz Photography. A girl that i went to highschool with has an incredible blog too ( and i found Holritz Photography though her. all that to say, i signed up for a photography workshop with amber holritz and i am sooooo excited. i think it is going to be pretty intense but i am so excited to learn from her. her work is amazing. so anyone out there in blog world that is reading this and wants to learn how to use their camera on manual mode should sign up. here is the address to her site and you can check out all the details. sorry i dont know how to put those nifty links in my posts yet. ok so go check it out and come to a photography class with me. :)


Tara said...

Ooohhh! I might have to do that! I want to learn my camera better too!

mom said...

i'm proud of you for doing this. i'd like to find a class i can sign up for with my new sewing machine.i can't wait for you to come play with me.