Thursday, January 29, 2009

update on the resolutions...

-cant believe there is only one more day in the month of january. tomorrow is test day for my second bible verse. tara and i choose different verses this time. i have to say i havent spent as much time working on it as i did the first verse. this is going to be a hard thing to stick to, but probably the most important on my list of resolutions.
-i did get into garrets class to help out drilling kids on their site words. i LOVED it. they were so cute and it was really nice to spend some time with some other 5 year olds. i have to brag on garret a little bit and just say he is doing so good and learns so fast. but he has been having a tough time focusing on this work lately but when he does, he nails it.
-i also painted! i am still on a little high after that. it had been so long. i really need to keep it up. art is what makes me tick. i HAVE to do it in some form or another.
-i got to try out a class at the YMCA and had a great time. i met up with a friend there. the class was perfect for just getting started. i do feel sore but i was hoping i would.
-i didnt get a chance to send out any handmade cards but i did write a bunch of thank you notes after raelyns party, doest that count? not really.
so thats a little update on my resolutions. got lots of work to do...

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mom said...

how did you memory verse go? i'm proud of you and tara doing this together! love the pics of new baby clara and family, can't wait to meet all these new families in your life now, i'm excited for you.keep up the great work with your camera, painting, memorizing and working go girl!!