Sunday, January 18, 2009

Raelyns 3rd Birthday

the race car party was a hit! we were able to use a room at the YMCA. it was a huge room and perfect for the party. it was such a cold day so a big fun empty room to play in was a blast. rae requested a race car party so i made a race car cake with fondant. it was a fun cake to make.

we found this amazing wooden barn while we were in florida and it was on SALE :) we set it up for her the night before so when she woke up in the morn she saw it for the first time. she loved it. i am excited b/c i think it will be something that will like to play with for years.

pink and purple decorations. i looked everywhere for a checkered flag banner and couldnt find one so i just made one myself. i hit the jackpot at the dollar store too, they had tons of pink and purple stuff for valentines day.

a friend of ours had a mini bounce house that we borrowed. it was awesome! the kids loved it and it took up a big corner of the giant room. it was so great to be able to use it. thanks amy and nathan :)

i also found the great little race car door hangers the kids could decorate at the dollar store. love that store!

while we sang happy birthday to rae she was so excited to get into that cake. she kept licking her lips. she has such a sweet tooth :)

all dressed up in her new princess clothes and playing with her new horses and barn. doesnt get much better than this.

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Tara said...

What a wonderful birthday! I LOVE the cake and the checkered flag decorations! So cute! Wish we lived closer:) Happy Birthday Rae!