Thursday, January 15, 2009

lots going on

sometimes i feel like there has been so much going on i get overwhelmed thinking about blogging about it. so here is a super quick recap:
-dave had been out of town from sunday-wed night, we did ok, but it is always hard when he is gone
-i am still totally hooked on photography right now, love looking through photographers websites
-i passed my first bible verse memory test with tara today, yeah for us
-i cooked enough meatloaf and mashed potatoes, carrots, baked ziti, cookies and muffins today for three families
-raelyn helped me cook it all, she was a trooper
-two of my good friends had baby girls two weeks part and i get get enough of their sweet faces
-i delivered them some of the yummy food i made today
-we are trying to get everything together for raelyns birthday party this weekend
-tomorrow is going to be REALLY cold
ok so those are my random thoughts tonight and here are a couple of fun pictures i have taken this week

Peek -a- Boo


leah said...

love your random thoughts and your cute pictures!!! How sweet of you to bake for your friends!

Tara said...

It was so good to talk with you on the phone yesterday! And you are right: Yeah for us! 1 down, 23 to go!

I loved your random thoughts too- And I second Leah's comment: How sweet of you to bake all that for your friends! It sounded delicious:)

Praying that Raelyn's party goes well tomorrow- I can't wait to see pictures!

PS. I think I am going to memorize Col. 2:2-3 this time. It talks about God's wisdom, which is what we are studying in Bible Study. Thought it would be a good one for me. Have you found one yet?