Monday, February 2, 2009

the best afternoon

yesterday afternoon the temperature was amazing! we played outside from about 3 to 5:30. all three of the kids enjoyed it so much. and so did I! unfortunatly it seems that most of my day is filled with running around cleaning up after everyone, doing laundry, taking potty breaks, changing diapers, correcting and redirecting and i am not always so good at doing those things joyfully. i know the most important thing i need to do is invest time in the kids. sit and play games, read books, do school work together, and just enjoy them. today i got to do that! it was so refreshing for me to have a warmer sunny day. the cold really has an affect on me and some days i just cant shake it. i am SO ready for spring, and yesterday was just a little glimpse of what is to come. of course i had my camera out.

the kids loved playing with the chalk, even brenna. garret got his site word cards out and started writing them out. he was doing an awesome job on his hand writing, something he had been having a hard time with in school last week.

Garret got out the baseball pitcher thing we got him for his 4th birthday and fired it up and was REALLY good. maybe baseball will be his sport. he was really good at hitting and throwing. he was so proud of himself too when he got a hit or had a good throw.

Brenna eating dirt.... third child, oh well

around 5:30 we loaded up the fan and headed to Pizza Inn. the kids love it there and the best part is you get to walk right in and eat right away. dave is out of town right now and i always have a hard time when he is gone. i feel so out numbered :) i am really trying to enjoy this time with the kids and not just wish for it to be over. yesterday was perfection. thank you lord for showing me how to sit back, let the laundry go and enjoy my kids. we miss you daddy and cant wait for you to be home.
oh and its a good thing yesterday was so nice, because today i had to pick garret up from school early due to a possible blizzard!


Heather said...

How awesome Bonnie! I am so thankful for days like that...they always seem too far and few between. And I know it is all about MY attitude. It has such a profound effect on the kids and the outcome of my day. "LORD CHANGE ME!...for my kids sake." :) You're doing a great job!
P.S. Garret's handwriting is sooo good!

Tara said...

What a wonderful afternoon! I loved all the pictures that you took and the reminder to just sit and enjoy the kids... The time passes by all too quickly and before we know it, they will be gone.

Love ya girl! So glad to have you as a friend!!!!

mom said...

hey bon sure do enjoy your pics. love the one with brenna's chubby little fingers wrapped around the chalk, raelyn's wild hair and garret's hand writing is awesome!! SOOO proud of you to know when it's time to sit still and enjoy a nice day watching the kids play and eat dirt :) love ya

Anonymous said...

Such a great reminder! I know totally what you mean about getting the day-to-day stuff done that we lose the joyful mommy moments. And unfortunately those are the ones that pass quickly. The photos look great! So glad you had a refreshing day.