Sunday, February 1, 2009


last week i finally finished brennas scrapbook. i have done a scrapbook of each of the kids first year. i just got around to sticking it in the book today. i took a bunch of pictures of all my favorite pages but they didnt turn out good at all so i am not going to post all of them. i have enjoyed creating each of their books and love even more watching them look through them. garret and rae love to look through their books. brennas book is huge, about 80 pages. i really got into scrapbooking with her book and the pages turned more into art for me than just a photo album.

i have to share these photos too. we set up the tent today and the kids played so good in it. raelyns hair gets SOOO staticy. these pictures make me smile.


leah said...

Wow great job! That scrapbook is so thick, how neat!!!

Tara said...

What a neat keepsake that you have made for each of your children! Those books are something that they will treasure forever! They are absolutely beautiful!!!