Saturday, February 14, 2009

valentines day

i always loved valentines day when i was a kid. picking out the perfect card for the perfect friend, the anticipation of seeing who gave you what. so fun. good memories. this year garret picked out the valentines for his class and we worked on writing all the TO an FROM's. he did it ALL my himself this year and with such good hand writing. i was so proud of him. i also found some cute cards at the dollar store and then had garret help me make them into bigger cards for some of my big girl friends. i bought blank note cards and then garret and i painted circles of them using toilet paper rolls, cups, and paper towel rolls. he is so GOOD at art. most kids are, b/c they dont have the feeling of "does it look pretty" yet. i love doing art projects with him. he gets to do so many fun things with dad all the time. i love when we get some special time together too. dave and i arent going to go out this year by ourselves. instead we are going to cook up some good steaks and set the table pretty, we are going to make a special dinner for the kids too and set them up at their little table like it is their own little restaurant. maybe put a movie on so dave and i can actually eat and have a conversation. happy valentines day everybody.


Tara said...

So that's how you made the cards!!!! So cute- Mine got here yesterday and is hanging proudly on my refrigerator! I love it and can't believe that you made it and sent it to me in time for Valentine's Day! You amaze me.

Hope you had a great and quiet night with the family! Happy Valentine's Day!

leah said...

That sounds like a wonderful V-day to me! I love how you do so many crafts with your kids, and it seems to make you so happy too!!

Heather said...

i love the cards. it was so sweet to get a valentine's card in the mail from a friend. :)