Friday, February 27, 2009

fingers and thumbs

lately raelyn has liked for me to paint her nails. the polish lasts about one day and then we paint them again. it cracks me up. i enjoy it b/c it is a special thing we can do together. she found a feather yesterday that she was so proud of.poor brenna has had her little thumbs covered up 24/7 for the past week. it all started with a sore that formed on her left thumb from sucking it all the time. the doc told us to put antibiotic cream on it and cover it all day so she couldnt suck it. well b/c we did that she started sucking the other one and now has a sore on her right thumb! ahh, i cant win. so now we have a whole routine we have to clean out her "boo boos" and wrap them up. i can tell she is frustrated by them, especially at nap and bed time. i broke down and even got her a pacifier to see if that would help sooth her. she doesnt really know to suck on it but she does chew on it and keep it in her mouth. she has started sucking her thumbs even with the bandaids on now too. any suggestions to keep her thumbs out of her mouth? my mom said get some little gloves to put on her hands especially while she sleeps. i am sure you can tell in the pic, we have to double wrap them so she cant get them off. electircal tape is the key! the left thumb ( the one that it all started with) is looking lots better, but the other is still a big sore. we are praying it clears up quickly. hey maybe through all this we will break her of sucking her thumb before she is 9 :) here are some other fun pics from a slightly warmer day yesterday.

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Tara said...

Oh my! It just hurts my heart to see Brenna's thumbs like that! Poor thing!

I must say that I love Raelyn's fingernails though. What a sweet little girl.

Love your pictures!