Saturday, February 28, 2009

puddle jumpers

it's been raining here for about two days now, but it is only like 50 degrees so it isnt to cold to make my kids go out and splash in the puddles for me to get some more practice in :) i thought the girls would have loved it so i was surprised that they just stood at the edge of the puddle looking into for a while. they probably couldnt understand why i was telling them it was ok to jump in the puddles when usually i am telling them to stay out of them.

"can we REALLY go in"
first steps

hey it really is fun!

getting the hang of it now...

while we were jumping the horses came over to say hi. i love how this pic makes brenna look so small next to the horse.
raelyn loves the horses

tractor rides with daddy... brenna cried when she had to get out.
now thats a lot of muddy boots :) but a fun day.


leah said...

Bonnie you changed your hair color! It looks good!! I love all the "welly" shots. I am so envious of your camera and all the beautiful shots you are getting of your kids!! You are so artistic!!

Tara said...

You did change your hair color! And it does look good!

I LOVE these pictures! You caught the emotion, the excitement, the anticipation, and the fun!

But...where was Garret? I can imagine that he was enjoying the puddles and mud even more than the girls were... I saw 6 boots but only 2 kids in the pictures....

What a fun day!

mom said...

loved all the recent pics, got caught up this am. brennas buns on wordless wednesday are adorable. i also loved the puddle jumpers, and am curious too, where was "g" my favorites were when the horse came to say hi and you with all the wellys. all great shots!!

Dad said...

Hi Bon , great pics , I like your hair color too, I'm very proud of you for all the time and effort you put into mothering and caring for your family, that goes for both you and dave , it's great to see the kids playing and painting and all , I love you . Dad