Tuesday, February 3, 2009

no school snow day

no school today b/c of the snow. actually the sun came out and melted away almost all of the snow and then around 4 it started snowing like crazy again. so i got the kids all dressed up again and we went outside to play for a little while.

my FAV pic right now

brenna was trying to figure our where her feet went :)

brenna was so funny yesterday in her snow suit. it was really too big for her so she had a hard time walking in it. when she fell she would get stuck and couldnt get up. it was cracking me up!



Tara said...

It just started snowing here too! So maybe you sent it our way:)

Your pictures are beautiful... I laughed when I saw Brenna in her snow suit! That's exactly how Nathan and Natalie look when they fall down! Wish we lived closer and could play in the snow together!!!!

Mom B said...

Loved this post Bonnie...wow, from sunshine to snow! Your house looks so beautiful in the snow and all your pictures are amazing. Once and artist, always an artist!!