Tuesday, August 11, 2009

first grader

well yesterday was garrets first day of FIRST grade! so hard to believe. we got to meet his teacher last week and see his classroom. in the couple minutes i had with his teacher i really liked her. i loved his classroom. so grown up! clean, real desks (last year they all say at the same table) it just looks so much more grown up than a kindergarten classroom. garret was excited to go so it was not sad for me at all to take him. i know it would be tough if he didnt want to go. he found out there where 4 of his buds from last year in his class this year and they were all really good kids so i was happy about that as well.
we started a tradition last year that the night before school starts the backpack fairy comes and fills up your backpack with all your new school supplies, a new outfit, and lunch box. this has been great for me, b/c the school supply shopping can be done by only me and i dont have to take all the kids to go pick stuff out. last year was terrible trying to do that. stores were crowded, garret couldnt make up his mind, everything i put in the cart the girls took back out.... anyways, he got to pick what kind of back pack he wanted and i (the backpack fairy) did the rest. he was super excited to see all that was in there and was happy with all of it. eating breakfast before heading off to school. i joked with him and told him i was going to take 500 pictures before he left for school yesterday.
those blue eyes... love them :) i love his freckles too. he already doesnt like them. i had to get out a picture of me when i was a kid to show him how many freckles i had.
this year he picked a transformers backpack. in the past he has just had plain ones. he was super excited about this one. he got it for an early birthday present from our friends.
giving dad a hug before jumping in the van. garret actually wanted ME to take him to school. i was shocked. he never picks me over daddy. it was s good ride there, just me and him. i love this kid so much. he is growing up way to fast. his 6th birthday is on the 15th. wow.


Tara said...

Thanks for calling today!!! It was so good to hear your voice.

I loved these pictures of your big man. I'm a sucker for those blue eyes too, and I might have to steal your "backpack fairy" idea. That's so neat!

Heather said...

What a handsome boy! I LOVE the freckles. So glad it was a sweet day for you.

mom said...

what a handsome big guy "we" have, love that boy!! i wish i'd heard of the backpack fairy, kenzie still has the hardest time making up her mind about pencils and folders.

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Scott and Nicole said...

PS- we too will be stealing your great idea (backpack fairy) when it comes time for us to begin tackling those challenges! You better just start a book of ideas and tips- we're gonna need them! ;)
You're such a great mom!

Garret- you're getting too big buddy! Have fun in 1st grade!