Monday, August 17, 2009

Garret is SIX!

Garret turned 6 on saturday! hard to believe he is growing up so fast. dave and i were going down memory lane the other night and thinking about the events leading up to his arrival. he was such an amazingly beautiful baby. perfect in every way. (i know im his mom so of course i thought he was the most beautiful) anyway, he came quick into this world and has been quick to go ever since then. he is such a strong kid. he amazes me what he can do. he is also a very sensitive guy and cares about others feelings.

when we asked him what kind of party he wanted he said he wanted a sleep over. i told him that he might need to wait and be a little older before he can have a sleep over with a bunch of friends. then he said he wanted a turkey hunting party like last year. so together we came up with the idea for a base ball party! we have been playing ball in the back yard as a family and he is REALLY good at hitting and throwing a base ball.

we set up the yard to look like a baseball field, with lines on the field and signs along the fence. we tired to make a sign to represent each family that was at the party. dave also worked on finishing the second story to the tree fort.
here are some of the details...
i made the baseball cake, we gave the kids a water bottle with their names on it to fill up with gatorade, we had all the baseball themed snacks and then the kids got a goodie bag filled with bubble gum and cracker jacks.
i LOVE seeing our backyard full of families. god has really blessed us with some great friends.
this is garrets buddy from school. they were in kindergarten together and are now together in first grade. i was so glad they were. he is a great kid.
home run!
tee-ball time.... we played a quick game of tee-ball with all the parents and kids.
sweet brenna holding a ball
snack time! this little guy was asking his daddy, "dad, dont you love birthday parties?" how sweet is that.
present time.... transformers, water guns, books, art supplies... all his favorite things.
thanks amy for taking the pics with me in them. i really do exist.
silly faces before cake time. garret had a blast and i think dave and i had just as much fun. we love having parties and coming up with fun ways to make it creative. he is just as creative as i am so sometimes we have to pull eachother back to reality. :)

Love you garret. you sure are an awesome kid. we love you and are so proud of you. keep up the good work.


Abby said...

Wow, Bonnie! This post is unbelievable!! I love the decorations, the games, the cake, the waterbottles. You thought of everything!! And, the pictures are absolutely amazing.

I'll be contacting you for our little one's future b-day party ideas, for sure!

:) A

leah said...

Bonnie I LOVE the collages of the pictures you did, and all the details... I'm just in heaven looking at all this. It's so great to see pictures of you too, that one with your kiddos is so great. Happy Birthday G!

Tara said...

What an awesome party! It all came together so neat! Love the cake and the pic of you with the kids!

mom said...

hey chickie, what a great job you and dave did creating this party for garret and your guests. i also love seeing your back yard full of families and fun times. love you all