Wednesday, August 19, 2009


this past tuesday was raelyns first day of preschool. she is in a 3 year old class at our church on tuesdays and thursdays. this was a hard decision to send her to school. there were many pros and cons.... pros: it would be great for raelyn to learn to interact with other kids and other adults better, it would give me time to spend with just brenna, it would be easier to find someone to watch only one kid so i can do things like go to the dentist and things like that. cons: money, and i had to really question my intentions. i didnt want to send her just b/c i needed a break.
we prayed about it a lot and obviously came to the conclusion to send her.

she did GREAT! she walked right in with no problem. when i picked her up she looked so grown up walking up to the car with her backpack and big old smile. what a cutie pie. her teacher told me she was very independent. not sure if that was a good thing or bad. i will get to talk to her teacher more tomorrow about that when i drop rae off for day #2.
all set with her lunch box, new backpack from the backpack fairy, and her sleeping mat that i made for her.
oh she melts me!
brenna would not get out of the pictures. she wanted to do everything rae was doing this morning.
heading to the car with daddy. raelyn doenst start school until 9. garret starts at 7:30 (at a differnt school). so when garret left with daddy for school today, realyn was so upset. she knew it was her first day but couldnt understand why she wasnt going with garret.


Tara said...

Oh she is so big!!! Love the sleeping mat you made for her and her big girl backpack. So glad that she did so well and loved it!

mom said...

ok way to get me choked up early in my day, i'm pulling myself together now as i say good by to my "baby" the middle schooler.