Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"i'm leavin' on a jet plane..."

... well more like a really tiny prop plane, but non the less, i'm leaving on plane to head to south florida tomorrow morning for moms "lil chicks" open house. i am so excited that i can be there for it. Dave is awesome and is being mr. mom for the last two days of the school week and the weekend. i know he will do great and the kids will have a blast with him. he has been gone the first half of this week and the kids and i have had a good time together, now they get some daddy time.

i have been working on a few more things to bring down to the sale. a few more hair accessories and things. i couldnt resist putting some on brenna and taking her picture.
some super cute head bands on a super cute girl. she is looking and acting so grown up all of a sudden. brenna will be 2 years old in 2 short months.

i love the colors and her eye lashes in this one. she isnt to fond of my camera, so i have to move quick with her. this was a lucky shot and i just love it.
good bye for now. cant wait to get there and help mom set it all up. i am sure i will take lots of pictures so you can see how she did. we are not quite sure what to expect so we are both a little nervous. i know, no matter what happens with sales, that mom and i will have a good time together.

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Tara said...

Have a great time, Bonnie!!! Love the pictures that you took of your very big girl, Brenna too!

PS. Love all your scripture verses that you've been including. What a challenge and encouragement they are to me!