Friday, August 6, 2010

first day home

we were only in the hospital for a total of 24 hours after jori was born. we got home around 11pm on wednesday night. it was nice being able to just come home and the other kids were already in bed. dave and i were hoping to just settle in and get some rest. jori had other plans. the girl was up almost the entire night. dave was so run down from doing camp all summer so i tried to let him sleep. to jori and i hung out all night. it was not a good night. i cried a lot thinking oh no, what if every night is like this, what if this is colic, how am i going to make it? i remember thinking that that first night with jori was harder than any of the others kids first night and i felt like i was a first time mom all over again. i am so thankful to say that all the rest of jori's nights have been MUCH better. i think the poor girl was hungry. my milk had not come in yet and i just think she was not content.
she continued to cry most the morning but i got a few pics of her settled and wrapped in the blanket i made i for her. brenna wanted to hold her and i wasnt sure how that was gonna go since the baby had been crying so much. well... it was great! brenna had the magic touch that morning and that was the most content and calm jori had been. i know brenna felt proud too.


Linda said...

Love the last pic...Jori is absolutely beautiful and for the moment...content! Such a pretty blanket you made too!

Ruth Poirier said...

I agree with Linda, I just love this last picture, and I'm proud of you for the fine job on the handmade blanket.