Thursday, August 12, 2010

First day of 2nd grade!!!

Friday Aug 6th was garrets first day of second grade!! hard to believe. continuing with the backpack fairy tradition, the night before garrets first day, the back pack fairy came and brought him a new back pack, lunch box, school supplies, and lunch snacks. garret was super excited about his new stuff and his first day. he was pretty much bouncing off the walls that morning. his teachers name is Mrs. Duncan and seems like she will be a great fit for garret. each year we pray that the kids end up with the teacher that will best suit their needs and God has been so good. i am looking forward to helping out in the class some this year as well.
stud in his guitar shirt from gram, papa p and mack.

posing.... he totally came up with this himself

showing off his new toothless grin. his other top tooth came out right before school started back up.

we are so proud of you garret. we are praying you have a great year at school and that you always love going as much as you do now. love you big guy!


Linda said...

2nd grade already? Can't be! Love the backpack fairy tradition and he looks more than ready to start the year...very stylish!

leah said...

I love the backpack fairy idea. He's adorable and getting so big!!

Tara said...

I think this tradition is awesome! Love all the stuff you got for him!

katie said...

oh he is too cute!

Ruth Poirier said...

the coolest second grade boy i've seen. love the pose!!